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Trasimen lake
Via della Strage, 8 – 06063 – Monte del Lago (PG)

Trasimeno views from the Fattoria Palombaro

The Fattoria Palombaro is one of the most beautiful gems in the Umbrian region, and especially in the western area of Lake Trasimeno. Monte del Lago is an ancient village, inhabited in the past by Etruscans and Romans, on a natural promontory into Lake Trasimeno. The name derives from the Latin Mons Fontegianus, but during Medieval times the locality was called simply “Monte”. Monte del Lago was fortified in the XIV century, and during the Papal domination became the administrative centre for the products from the lake, probably thanks to its position.

Monte del Lago was the birthplace in 1854 of Guido Pompilj, a brilliant and far-sighted politician who among other things was President of the Province of Umbria and Under-Secretary of State. It is to Guido Pompilj’s great credit that he saved Lake Trasimeno from being drained, fighting to free the entire area from malaria and creating a Reclamation Consortium of which Giovanni Palombaro, Luca’s grandfather, was President. He commissioned an album from Florentine photographers “Fratelli Alinari” to document his work, and thus opened up the whole basin to tourism.
A great scholar, writer and orator, he married the poet Vittoria Aganoor and lived with her at Monte del Lago during the decade of the Belle époque, always at the centre of cultural, diplomatic and court circles.

The area immediately around it, with its soft hills adorned with olive-groves and woods facing onto the lake, is still unspoilt and enchanting partly thanks to the Palombaro family, who in these 100 years have preserved it from overbuilding and intensive agriculture.

Here, the ancient olive trees of the Fattoria Palombaro, enjoy the microclimate, the uncontaminated nature and the famous sunsets of the Trasimeno and produce the olives that make the high quality of the extravirgin olive oil Umbro Luca Palombaro possible.
In this photographic gallery we are proud to show you our land.